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About us
3D Dental – a leading diagnostic centers in Kazakhstan. We specialize in the production of 3D (CBCT), panoramic and Cephalometric X-Ray images.
Our center is equipped with advanced machinery that is safe to use, namely the Japanese Morita Veraview 3D X800 x-ray combination system. It allows us to produce accurate images and diagnostic results, which are crucial for a positive outcome of any treatment.

Morita Veraview 3D X800 produces high-quality images of the dentoalveolar system, temporomandibular joint, facial bones, nasal and frontal sinuses.
Imaging availability and cloud storage
  • The transfer of images is done instantly, and all the pictures of your patients will be located in your cloud folder.

  • You can open patient snapshots without requesting a disk, without downloading from mail, directly from your work computer, even while abroad.
  • Thus, our files will not take up extra space on your computer, and if necessary, you can find pictures of patients in your clinic folder and your personal folder and view them as well as from disk / mail.
Advantages of our device
  • Image quality: AAA (similar installations from other manufacturers have the quality of AA/B images).

  • Cephalometric image (TRG) for orthodontists
  • The radiation dose is significantly lower than with conventional CT - the radiation dose is reduced by 80% compared to a standard CT scan*.
  • The voxel (pixel) size is smaller, which gives better quality (resolution and accuracy), 0.08/0.125/0.16

  • Full 360 degree rotation

  • Standards regarding the ALARA principle: a choice between 11 exposure fields, an automatic "Dose reduction function" or a child setting. They guarantee a low radiation dose and image quality.

  • The design and functionality of the Veraview X800, for which it received the IF Gold Award.
  • Steady improvement of diagnostic competence, reliability and treatment in dentistry.
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It shows: teeth position, inclination, misalignment; size ratio of soft tissue and bones; inflammation in the periodontium, sinuses, temporomandibular joints; facial asymmetry; bite condition and disorder causes; bone defects, and their structure.


Despite that panoramic X-Ray is not that precise compared to 3D or cephalometry, it still is quite cost-effective. It allows you to conduct emergency diagnostics, so your doctor could decide on the effective treatment.


Detailed three-dimensional images create new opportunities for advanced diagnostics. With its help, your doctor is able to examine the problem area all around.


Volumetric examinations 15 x 14 cm, images in standard or high definition (HD mode). It is also possible to select the size of the image volume in accordance with the preliminary diagnosis.


You can visit us even without a doctor’s referral. Please keep in mind that as an independent diagnostic center we cannot prescribe you any medicine or give any advice on further treatment. You need help from qualified specialists.


Dental diagnostics with the help of computer tomography is one of the safest examination methods. The dose and exposure time are minimized: the examination lasts no more than 10 seconds.
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Contacts of branches

3D Dental in Astana

12 Kabanbay Batyr Ave.
+7 701 224 2430

Tauelsizdik Ave., 21/9
+7 778 777 6072

Saryarka Ave., 28
+7 777 079 0335

3D Dental in Karaganda

st. Abdirova 23/2, dental association
1 floor cab 104-105
+7 777 079 0301

3D Dental in Almaty

st. Tole bi 189/3 block 3
+7 777 440 1001

st. Zhambyla, 116
+7 777 533 5859

Gagarin Avenue, 233 block E
+7 777 533 35 30

Nazarbayev Avenue, 46
+7 777 079 03 31

3D Dental in Shymkent

st. Zheltoksan, 20
+7 771 010 0150

3D Dental in Atyrau

st. Satpaeva, 50
+7 771 022 4500

3D Dental in Uralsk

st. Manshuk Mametova, 60
+7 777 079 0322
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